Universal Audio 508 EQ 509 EQ 1108 Mic Pre

This is an incredible lot of several vintage matching sets of Universal Audio (UREI) 508 EQs, 509 EQs, and 1108 mic pres with an original preamp tray. These particular examples are all in excellent working condition and were once an integral part of Wally Heider’s World-famous studio in San Francisco. This incredible large lot presents an absolutely impossibly rare opportunity for an individual, studio, or re-seller to fabricate an awesome 12-channel Universal Audio recording console, so take advantage of this listing, and act fast, because another chance like this will not come along!

This lot includes;

-(12) 1108 microphone preamplifiers: serial numbers- 201, 211, 214, 215, 526, 728, 745, 776, 790, 985, 1196, and 1452.

-(8) 508 equalizers: serial numbers- 601, 602, 604, 605, 606, 607, 854, and 888.

-(4) 509 equalizers: serial numbers- 115, 117, 119, and 129.

The 1108 mic pre is a widely used single-stage modular preamp made for consoles, and were created by Bill Putnam. They are simple in design, but highly effective. It utilizes input and output transformers, and features connections for modular EQs such as the UA 508 and 509 EQs. This amp design became the basis for the 1176, which utilized the same (5000) input and (5002) output transformers.

These particular early examples are in very excellent condition and all work perfectly. As can be seen from the serial number list, there are twelve in total. Included with these pre amps is the original tray to which they connect, with (2) additional multi-pin connectors and (6) additional brackets, all of which are also in very nice condition. This tray is a must have component for anyone looking to actually use the 1108s appropriately.

The 508 Envelopmental Equalizer is another of UA’s early commercially available EQs. It is a no-loss, high and low-frequency passive EQ designed to be used with modular amps like the 1108 solid-state amplifier. The term “envelopmental” refers to the manner in which the 508 becomes electronically enclosed within an active feedback loop of its associated amplifier. A high-frequency boost or cut in 3dB increments ranging from -6 to +9 dB can be switched between 5 or 10 kHz. A low-frequency boost or cut in 3dB increments with the same range is fixed at 50 Hz. These particular examples are in excellent condition, aside from one L.F. knob that has a chip on it. As can be seen by the serial numbers, there are eight in total. Two of which no longer have the outer metal case.

The 509 EQ, much like the 508, was originally designed to work with the 1109 using an active feedback loop, and works with the 1108 preamps being offered. The 509 EQ features; High Frequency Boost/Cut in increments from-12 to +12qdB and can be switched between 2.5, 5, 7 and 10kHz. As well, Lows can be Boosted/Cut in the same increments and levels as the Highs and switched between 50, 75, 100 and 400 Hz. These particular examples are in excellent condition and all work perfectly. As can bee seen from the photos, there are four in total.