Standel Switchmaster 30 30C24

Here is a used (circa 2005) Standel Switchmaster 30 (30C24) electric guitar amplifier. This 2×12″ combo amp sporting a quartet of EL84s was made by Dan McKinney of Requisite Audio in Glendale, California. Custom made to order, with several upgrades available, this particular example was delivered with the top-of-the-line UK-made Celestion G12 Blue Bulldog AlNiCos, and also includes the original single-function footswitch. With an original price of $3,600.0 in this configuration, and with production having moved from Los Angeles to Ventura, this is effectively a very difficult amp to purchase.

Completely hand-wired with point-to-point assembly, this amplifier is comprised of only the finest components available. With an attractive vintage-inspired design, the subtle cabinet angles are reminiscent of the beloved 25L15’s shape, rather the only significant aesthetic deviation aside from the vinyl tolex are the forward-facing controls. The plexiglass control panel is backlit when powered on, which adds a subtle sexiness and enhanced visibility.

With channel-switching (Gain 1, Gain 2) capabilities, a 1/2 power setting (30 watt to 15 watt), a variable power transformer allowing for seamless use with either 110v or 220v, as well as, a 3-value (4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω) impedance selector, this is the ultimate guitar amplifier, and is a healthy deviation from the more basic 25L15 combo amplifier.

Easily the most versatile and dynamic amplifier I’ve heard in quite some time, this amp is capable of achieving both a hugely saturated tube overdrive with tons of crunch alongside a pristine clean sound with unbelievable headroom, all at just the stomp of a switch or the turn of a chicken head knob. Not to mention all of the available tones in between these drastic settings, which offer an immense palette from which to paint. This amp is significantly more enjoyable than any new tube boutique amp, and it will literally serve to fill the void of an AC-30, an AC-15, and an 18-watt Marshall, all rolled into one single combo. Though not pictured, this amp does include an IEC power cable.

As can be seen, the amp has not been used much. The vinyl exterior is extremely clean, and the salt & pepper grillecloth is structurally perfect. The only condition flaws were the result of improper care while in storage. The only significant issue is the handle has a couple scuffs, however, this handle can easily be replaced with the exact style should you wish to replace it with a perfect one. Also, the IEC receptacle only (a $2 part) was chipped on the corner: note, the panel and chasis were not affected whatsoever, but the power socket only has a small split. It does not affect functionality nor safety, and also can be easily replaced in under 30 minutes. It does work fine as-is, and the only reason to replace either of these two aforementioned cosmetic flaws, would be to restore it’s original cosmetic condition, as neither affects the amp’s capacity to operate.