Simone Celeste

Here is a vintage Simone Celeste/Celesta. This original 4-octave Celeste was made in the by the Simone brothers of New York. Featured in music by some of the utmost important and significant musicians in all of modern history, from Tchaikovsky and Art Tatum to The Beatles and Bjork, the Celeste has an unmistakable and unique voice, which remains timeless, is seemingly impossible to capture with even the most sophisticated sampling technologies. Nothing but a microphone can express the eloquent subtleties of an actual Celeste on a recording, and which better one to own, than this Simone Bros. example. Incredibly scarce, and nearly impossible to locate in intact functional all original condition, as is this example, do not miss this chance to purchase a very fine instrument, perfect for a plethora of applications.

Purchased years ago from the original owner’s friend, this piece has been an integral part of the majority of my recording projects. I kept it because it was my favorite, and no other Celeste qualified for comparison, it is simply that good. It belonged to the original owner, Tommy Cunningham, of Tommy Cunningham and His Orchestra, until his untimely and tragic death as a young man. Prior to his death it was purported that the Celeste was used in a Barnum and Bailey Circus show in Hartford, which later resulted in a catastrophic fire, whereby 167+ attendees were burned alive. Though this instrument clearly survived, the top displays heat damage from the aforementioned fire.

Having owned dozens of Celeste pianos, from a Mustel prototype to numerous 2.5/3-octave Jenco tabletops, I can say with expansive experience, that this Simone celesta is the absolute best one I have ever heard. It is sweeter, more lush, and incredibly rich, whereas most other Celeste keyboards tend to be more bright, brittle, and harsh. It is a solo-worthy instrument, as an entire composition played on this Simone would dazzle with full and pleasant orchestration.

The Celesta includes an original laminated Tommy Cunningham program and the original casters.