Shepherd Ball-B-Q Grill

Here is a vintage (circa late-1960’s to early 1970’s) Shepherd Ball-B-Q BBQ grill. With a simple and accessible space age form, and a striking orange/aluminum exterior, this NOS example is a must have for any retro mid-century modern collection or decor. Produced in Canada, where it was highly acclaimed and awarded several serious modern design awards, the build-quality is sufficient enough for grilling up a veritable smorgasbord. This particular example was recently removed form the original box (not included due to being disintegrated) and comes with all of the original instruction manuals and paperwork.

Dimensions: 22″ top diameter, 21″ base diameter, 45″ tall, 26″ Table Top Height.

Though this Ball-B-Q BBQ was never used once, the item displays storage wear. There is slight scuffing on the domed aluminum top, and a small nick in the side of the orange grill bottom. It is not perfect, but it is extremely well-preserved in unused condition.