Pete Cornish NB-3 Boost Gain

Here is a used Pete Cornish NB-3 Boost Gain electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example, serial number N/11021, is in very excellent all original condition and includes the original box and manual. Originally designed as an integral part of each Pete Cornish Custom Pedalboard and Rack Systems, the double buffered NB-3 allows a boost in volume, without any tonal alteration.

The footswitch on this unit is not a bypass switch; when the indicator light is OFF the NB-3 acts as a unity gain buffer amplifier with high signal level capability and can drive long cables without tone or signal loss.

When the indicator light is ON, your pre-selected amount of boost (up to +30dB) will be available at the output of the unit. There is no tonal change or phase shift to the boosted signal. When used as the final effect, just before the amp input, the NB-3 will give an instant increase in signal level, including the outputs of any preceding effects. Used with a clean amp the NB-3 provides a pure volume increase and when used with an overdriven amp the extra signal will take your amp to a new level of overdrive. An alternate use is to connect your instrument to the NB-3 input: it will then enable 1) the NB-3 to provide line driving and load isolation from the effects chain and 2) enable an instantly switchable increase of instrument signal level which may be useful for enhancing tone or overdrive into following effects.