Pair 1966 Sola Sound Tonebender MK 1.5

This is a vintage pair of 1966 Sola Sound Mark 1.5 ToneBenders. Produced in very limited quantities during a small window in ’66 only, the MK1.5 ToneBender is perhaps the most mythical of effects, and has certainly become one of the most historically significant effects pedals ever made. While the pair might not be the most dynamic of duos, although they do sound surprisingly different from another, it just seems wrong to separate the two. To claim it would be pretty difficult to find another one would be the understatement of the century… let alone t-w-o, that’s about as likely as a Royal Flush! Destined to be the crown jewel of any pedal collection, you really can’t put a price on this priceless set, so take advantage of this offer before I change my mind.

Those with the most rudimentary of deductive logic skills can easily determine that the MK1.5 was manufactured in between the MK I and the Professional MK II. Considered the transitional model that quickly evolved into it’s 3-transistor successor (the Professional MK II ToneBender), the MK1.5 ToneBender was used as the archetype for the more famous Arbiter Fuzz Face and later used as the basis for the VOX ToneBender made in Italy. The one featuring the incredibly rare gold finish casing (displaying a number “32” out of an unknown number,) features the (2) Mullard OC75 transistor circuit, very similar to the better known Arbiter Fuzz Face. The grey Hammerite example features (2) Mullard OC81D transistors, which sound quite different from the more common OC75 variety.

Both pedals are 100% ALL ORIGINAL. The gold MK1.5 still has the PP4 battery terminals, and it currently has a PP4 inside! Two extra PP4 batteries will be included. The grey Hammerite one had an issue with the on/off switch, so it was replaced with an era appropriate vintage switch. The original is included. As per usual, the PP4 battery terminals in the grey MK1.5 were replaced with a more accessible modern 9v battery clip. Enjoy the photos, because a MK1.5 has never been available for viewing like this ever.