Neumann U-47

Here is a vintage Neumann U-47 tube condenser microphone. This early “large badge, long body” example, serial number 114, is in very excellent condition and includes the original case and the original power supply! The U 47 was the first post-war mic produced by Neumann and was designed around a Telefunken-developed type VF14m steel-covered radio tube. Even with it’s steep $400 price tag, it became incredibly popular during the ’50s and was used on many Beatles recordings as it was George Martin’s favorite mic to use. Quite deserved of its title as “the most famous and iconic microphone of all time,” it might as well be pictured in the dictionary under the word “microphone.” Those who are interested in this mic are well aware of just how rare this first variety U 47 actually is, and with an approximate and scarce production around 400 total units, might not see another, as it may very well be a near extinct animal.

This mic was recently purchased from a well known Los Angeles studio. It has remained in the same safe studio environment for the last 20+ years, and was only used in a professional setting. It works perfectly and sounds incredible.