Moog Taurus I

This is a vintage 100% original Moog Taurus I monophonic analog bass synthesizer. This particular first variety example, serial number 2302, is in very excellent condition and is well-regarded as being one of the absolute best bass synthesizers of all time. With thick, rich and gritty textures, the Taurus I is the standard for synth bass.

With a design inspired by organ pedal boards, Moog released the Taurus 1 Pedal Synthesizer – a monophonic analog bass synthesizer you play with your feet (so you can play other instruments with your hands.) The Taurus 1 features a sturdy and compact platform which clearly works great when placed under a keyboard, or nicely atop a desk to be played with one’s hands.

Thankfully, this synth still has the clear plastic “Variables” window door and the original plastic frame. Commonly, this part is missing. Though this unit works perfectly with absolutely no issues whatsoever, there are minor cosmetic flaws. One of the original control knobs is missing the silver insert and two of the lights don’t turn red. If the buyer would like, the lights can be serviced for a nominal fee. There are some insignificant superficial scratches on the control push-button panel, which is to be expected, along with some scratches on the back panel- but it is overall very nice.

It has three Preset sound patches and one User programmable preset. The three preset sounds are Bass, Tuba and Taurus. Most users prefer the User preset which lets them create their own sounds from its simple VCO, VCF and VCA controls. A section called VARIABLES contains the sliders for its VCO, VCF and VCA sections which will only work when the User preset is selected. It features a simple 2-oscillator design that can be tuned across a 5-octave range. An Octave button lets you shift the pedal keyboard up or down an octave. The oscillators can be slightly detuned. There’s also a Glide (portamento) effect and a 24dB/oct lowpass filter with simple controls like Emphasis, Contour Amount/Attack/Decay and Cut-Off. A simple VCA with attack, sustain, decay and loudness controls. Two gigantic foot-sliders flank the sides of the Taurus and they are used to adjust the Filter cut-off and VCA Loudness on the fly using your feet.

It has been used by Rush, Yes, Genesis, U2 and the Police, but is perhaps more relevant today than ever considering the resurgence of such an application in dance, hip hop, pop, dub step, etc.