Manikin-Electronic Memotron (Mellotron)

This is a like new Memotron by Manikin-Electronic. This particular example, serial number 07 2109, is in mint condition and includes; (3) original sound library CDs, the original CF data card, an original volume pedal, the original owner’s manual, and an IEC power cable.

While digital-based Mellotron emulators have existed for over 20 years, nothing compares to the Memotron. Intuitive, practical and accessible, the Memotron is exceedingly easy to use. With a thoughtful control layout and software with simple navigation, this keyboard functions just as sharp as it looks. The craftsmanship of the Memotron respectfully puts an original M400 to shame. The high quality cabinet nicely showcases the attractive hardware, keyboard and back panel. Plus, this magnificent keyboard only weighs 12kg!

Perhaps most importantly, the Memotron sounds great. With a comprehensive collection of classic Mellotron sounds, instant access is available at the press of a button, as opposed to the ordeal entertained when changing a single tape frame. Having been conceptualized by one of the world’s foremost Mellotron experts, the sound samples were meticulously crafted to honestly represent genuine Mellotron tape racks. All idiosyncratic characteristics included, the samples feature the unique sounds of a Mellotron without replicating it’s inconsistent mechanical nature.

The Memotron’s action is rather similar to a Mellotron’s, well, the weight of the keys are consistent with the original. However, the touch sensitivity was not reproduced, nor was the sensation of resistance when played. Possibly considered an improvement by some, the action of the Memotron is more conducive for recording and accurate playing. While a Mellotron requires slight finessing and a particularized playing approach, the Memotron is straight-forward.

The Memotron is, without a doubt, the 20th century’s Mellotron, and is perfect for both modern studios and live applications.