Love Pedal Kanji Eternity Overdrive

This is a brand new Love Pedal Kanji Eternity overdrive pedal. This particular example is in brand new condition and includes the original instruction manual and original box. Love Pedals are highly respected, and considered one of the best new boutique lines available, and the Kanji Eternity certainly enforces such strong regard. With minimal information available on the internet, the Kanji Eternity has developed a mysterious level of cult-status appreciation.

A custom-crafted version of the Love Pedal Eternity, this extremely musical pedal functions as a treble booster and clean boost, in addition to, an amazingly rich and full-range overdrive. With tight low end, and smooth highs, the Kanji Eternity offers an element of transparency that avoids the usual muddiness other overdrives notoriously encounter. This well-crafted pedal with subtle Kanji graphics is a great addition to any pedal board.