Korg Kaoss Pad KP2

This is a used Korg Kaoss Pad KP2 dynamic effect controller. The KP2 expands on the original Kaoss Pad with more effects (100 total), BPM functionality that syncs the effects to BPM automatically, to MIDI clock or Tapped tempo, and an incredible Sampling function.

The concept of the Kaoss Pad is simple – as you move your finger around the pad you are controlling many sophisticated aspects of a powerful effects processor. Moving your finger in any direction on the pad creates evocative changes to your mix, producing a level of complexity that would be impossible to achieve with any other system or controller.

The KP2 is packed with essential effects like filters, delays, reverb, and flanging, along with cutting-edge DJ effects like isolator, slicer, and auto-panning. Select effect programs by turning a knob and assign up to 8 in the program memory buttons for instant recall. A hold switch lets you freeze an effect in its current position, making it easy to capture a perfect setting or to rhythmically change the sound by drumming on the pad.

Along with amazing effects, the KP2 is loaded with 15 different synth sounds. Use the pad to play and manipulate the sounds for some truly unique creations. Plug into the KP2’s audio input and sample up to 6 seconds of audio, with 2 sample keys that you can use to trigger those samples. Use the touch pad to apply time-stretch, reverse-playback, pitch shift, or scratch effects to the samples for unlimited possibilities.

This particular example is in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition and includes the necessary 12V power adapter.