Korg CX-3 Organ

Here is a like new Korg CX-3 combo organ electronic keyboard. This particular example, serial number 005219, is in NOS (dead stock) condition and includes the original sustain pedal, the original owner’s manual, and the original box and packing materials. The classic sound of a tone wheel organ, specifically the Hammond B-3, long considered unattainable even with modern technology, has been recreated to absolute perfection. The CX-3 is the result of Korg’s meticulous rethinking of combo organ sound, keyboard touch, and classic appearance.

The Korg CX-3 first went on sale in 1979. Breaking through the monopoly of the legendary tone wheel sound, the CX-3 went on to become a favorite in its own right, and is still widely used by musicians in studios and on stages around the world. And now in the year 2000, the CX-3 has been reborn, making full use of Korg’s acclaimed DSP technology, and reflecting painstaking attention to musically sensitive keyboard touch and exterior detail. The new CX-3 combo organ is the real thing.

Often times used as the touring alternative to a chopped B-3 and even a Nord, the CX-3 is also a fantastic studio instrument, capable of easily accessing those Hammond tones we all desire. While this example may exhibit some shop wear, and may not be technically perfect, it is in extremely fine unsold condition.