Herman Miller DCW Chairs

This is a vintage matching set of (2) vintage Herman Miller DCW (Dining Chair Wood) dining chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames. This is an excellent original pair in all original shape with no modifications and no repairs. Similarly, the set has not been restored and remains in very excellent all original condition. There is an original waterslide decal on the back of one chair from the original distributor in Los Angeles, and several patent stickers on the underside of the other chair. Both chairs are stamped “DCW.”

Hailed by Time magazine as the Best Design of the 20th Century, the iconic DCW or “Dining Chair Wood” (1946) began as an experiment in the Eameses’ apartment, where they were molding plywood in what they called the “Kazam! Machine.” The machine pressed thin sheets of wood veneer against a heated membrane that was inflated by a bicycle pump. Humble beginnings for what would become one of the world’s most widely recognized and highly coveted chairs.