Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair

Here is a vintage Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair with matching ottoman. Stamped with the same “Danish Furniture Makers Control” stamp as the vintage Wegner original, but lacking other key characteristics, it is difficult to determine just exactly what this set may be. Missing both the arm rest detail, and ottoman handles, while retaining the same intricate woven strap pattern for the comprehensive upholstery work, it is likely that this is an authentic and licensed vintage Wegner Papa Bear chair design made in Denmark, though not by PP Møbler. I have seen this exact style of vintage Papa Bear chair and Ottoman sell for upward of $6,000.00, which would make perfect sense considering the original is worth in excess of $12,000.00 in comparable condition.

This example features a beautiful and rugged woven brown cotton-based cloth, which has retained nearly perfect structural integrity. The old material has not fatigued nor distressed in any visible manner, yet it is still forgiving enough to be quite comfortable. The rich chocolate exterior is absolutely the most fitting finish for the Bear’s embrace, and complements nearly any interior’s color scheme. In my opinion the overall quality of the upholstery is superior to any new reissue, in addition to being executed with better craftsmanship than the expensive recent replica, which suggests it is a vintage Danish school creation. Check out the photos and judge for yourself, as this is an awesome chair and ottoman.