GVCG Jonathan Wilson Rangemaster

This is a new 2009 GVCG Jonathan Wilson Rangemaster electric guitar effects pedal. Wilson achieves genuine vintage tone the only way possible: by individually hand-constructing units from scratch with re-appropriated vintage NOS components. Much like his incredibly well-crafted electric guitars, each Rangemaster treble boost pedal is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Very few Rangemaster units were made, and his current success suggests it is very unlikely that he will make more, so whether you want the best-sounding Rangemaster clone available, an incredible accessory for your GVCG guitar, or one of coolest boutique effects out there, this is the obvious choice. Purchased directly from Jonathan Wilson in 2009 by our music store, this new example has never been purchased or used, and remains in excellent new condition. NOS components within this great-looking box include an OC83 germanium pnp transistor, vintage Sprague capacitors, a vintage Tobe TPM6D5 vintage molded film cap, NOS Allen Bradley resistors, a vintage bent metal box, and an incredibly cool vintage face plate.