Gabbanelli M103 Accordion

Here is a used Gabbanelli M103 compact accordion. This particular example is in the key of FBE and features custom ordered black and white leather straps with the name “Los Narcos” and “Leonardo” in sterling silver.

This compact Gabbanelli M103 accordion features: a handcrafted design in White Pearl finish, a traditional Gabbanelli grill, Gabbanelli’s Signature Décor Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, (34) black and white buttons, 3 switches, and custom ordered leather straps.

This accordion once belonged to Leonardo of the well-known Mexican band Los Narcos de S.L.P. (San Luis Potosi). The original straps were replaced by those he custom-ordered, and the side straps were also uninstalled. He also removed the bass reeds. Otherwise, it is all original, works great, and sounds excellent. There are a couple of very minor stress cracks in the exterior, but such are very common. It does not come with a case, but will be packed and shipped accordingly.