Electro Harmonix NYC V1 Big Muff

This is a vintage 1972 Electro Harmonix NYC V1 Big Muff Fuzz Pedal. The Big Muff, introduced in 1969 was used by popular guitarists such as David Gilmore, Carlos Santana, and even Jimi Hendrix had even been seen using this pedal in the studio. We have seen worse examples sell for over $999, and this particular Big Muff is in mint condition, and sounds amazing!

The tone of the V1 Triangle has been described as the best sounding of all the Big Muffs. The V1 is one of the most articulate Muffs, with a clarity that many of the later Big Muffs seem to lack. However, it should be clearly stated that there is no ‘one’ triangle Big Muff tone, but the wide variety in sound is the reason V1 Big Muffs are so collectible.

There is more variance in Triangles than any other version due to the wide variety of component values used in the circuit from day to day, and it is very rare to find two Triangles with exactly the same values. But generally speaking the mids are very scooped with usually a bit more sustain and brightness than most later versions. For that reason many V1 Big Muffs cut through a mix very well and are very articulate for leads, and have a nice crunch for power chords and palm muting, whereas many later versions are muddier and bassier.