Dirty Boy Afro Fuzz

This is a used Dirty Boy Afro-Fuzz guitar effects pedal made by Alex Saraceno. This pedal is loosely based on the original Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit with the addition of a 6-position notched frequency selector. Brilliantly engineered with a hybrid schematic utilizing both a vintage Germanium transistor (pulled from a vintage VOX/Italian keyboard) in the front-end with a high HFE silicon transistor used in the power section. Loud, but manageable, the Afro-Fuzz is a very dynamic and reliable fuzz. Unlike the temperamental original Fuzz Face pedals that perform differently based on something as simple as weather conditions, this pedal seems to perform identically when used with a battery or a power supply. Although this is a bold pedal with tons of gain, when refined, the sensitivity of the pedal enables it to execute both a seemingly excellent treble boost approach, in addition to, a robust hyper fuzz very well.