(circa 1955) Oahu Tone Master

Here is a vintage (circa 1955) Oahu Tone Master electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 2247, is in good-fair original vintage condition. With beautiful two-tone cosmetic appointments including a singular white cabinet stripe and a dichromatic speaker grille logo, this amp is certainly one of the cooler looking ’50s amps. Originally suited for both lap steel and electric Spanish guitars, this Valco-made amp is a perfect package for producing overdriven crunch. With two 6V6 power tubes, the total output is actually much more significant and robust than most other conurrnently-produced small amps with a single power tube.

This ’55 Oahu Tone Master amp features: (1) 5Y3, (2) 6V6, (1) 6SN7, and (1) 6SL7 original tubes (RCA, Raytheon) through a non-original 1 x 8″ Celestion G8L-35 speaker. It is missing the original back panel.

Recently tested, this amp works perfectly and sounds great. Tons of mid-range distortion, but not overly compressed or collapsing. Since the amp is mostly original, and retains a set of vintage tubes, as well as, original caps, it may need a sublte service to be studio ready and quiet.