Chamberlin M-2

Here is an incredibly rare vintage Chamberlin M-2 electromechanical keyboard. This incredibly rare model is so scarce, Harry Chamberlin’s records indicate only five were originally produced. Because of such, there is no online evidence of another still in existence, and according to some Chamberlin-related chatter, hearsay suggests only one other to be purportedly owned by a famous producer. The M2 is effectively a dual­-keyboard M1, though each keyboard features an individually unique tape set. With the accompaniment of an entirely separate keyboard, though conveniently built-­in alongside the other, the only thing comparable to an M2, is two M1s. With regard to both rarity and functionality, the M2 is the absolute holy grail of tape­ replay instruments.

Recently purchased from the original owner, this M2 was procured directly from Mr. Chamberlin in 1976. Aside from the stereo 1/4” outputs being upgraded to XLR connectors, and a rubber belt being replaced just weeks ago (the original belt included), this unit is in extremely excellent 100% all original condition.

With all original tapes and components, the original owner painstakingly preserved the integrity of this unit’s originality, so much so, that he ordered an oversized Anvil­style ATA flight case the day following his purchase. According to the original owner’s recollection, this M2 was priced at just under $5,000.00 in 1976, equivalent to about $20,000.00 in 2014 given inflation.

This M2 is in very excellent working condition, and includes all original tape sets with the following 13 sounds; Bells, Piano, Oboe, Banjo, Violins, Harpsichord, Bassoon, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Cello, O. Trumpet, and Marimba, configured in the following arrangement; 25-key Accompaniment Keyboard 1A­ Bells 1B­ Piano 2A­ Oboe 2B­ Banjo 3A­ Violins 3B­ Bells 4A­ Harpsichord 4B­ Bassoon 5A­ Flute 5B­ Violins 6A­ Guitar 6B­ Harpsichord 35-key Solo Keyboard 1A­Flute 1B­Bassoon 2A­ Mandolin 2B­Cello 3A­ O. Trumpet 3B­ Flute 4A­ Harpsichord 4B­ Mandolin 5A­ Oboe 5B­ O. Trumpet 6A­ Marimba 6B­ Harpsichord

Those whom have witnessed the sonic experience of a Chamberlin keyboard will attest to it’s superiority over a Mellotron, as well as, it’s obvious musical brilliance. It sounds unlike anything, in the best possible way, and is nothing like it’s digitized counterparts. Surely, this is not a necessity in life nor recording, though it will undoubtedly be incorporated onto most musical projects of the person who ends up with one.