Chamberlin M-1

Here is a vintage Chamberlin M-1 keyboard. This particular example, serial number 86132, is in excellent original condition. It works perfectly, sounds amazing and features a set of original tapes. The Chamberlin is the, better and more advanced, predecessor to the Mellotron which has better sounding recorded samples resulting in a better, more dynamic, instrument. Due to the original premium purchase price, the Chamberlin M-1 was produced in very limited quantities (around 150-200), and they have since become one of the rarest and most coveted vintage keyboards.

The original tape set currently installed is extremely practical and features the following sounds:

1. Vibs (Vibes)
2. Violins
3. Harpsichord
4. Cello
5. Bells
6. Fr. Horn (French Horn)
7. Flute
8. Oboe

This particular example is in perfect working order. It has been thoroughly tested and all switches, knobs, keys, and dials function properly. As can easily be seen in most photos, there is one noninvasive and thoughtful modification made to the keyboard: a pitch control knob was added underneath the keyboard to achieve those incredible pitch bends and manipulations at the turn of a dial, instead of reaching your hand into the unit, while on, to forcefully slow down the main motor wheel.

Please inspect the photos for an accurate representation of cosmetic condition. While there are expected chips around the edges of the faux wood formica exterior, the general condition is extremely nice. Having owned 5 Chamberlin M-1s and several drum machine units, I have never seen another in this caliber of condition.