Boss Voice Transformer VT-1

This is a used Boss Voice Transformer VT-1 vocal effects processor. The VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and effecting the human voice. It provides everything from voice “thickening” to a full +/-1 octave pitch shift, allowing users to convincingly change their vocal gender. Unlike conventional pitch shifters, the VT-1 affords separate control of pitch and formant, so the user’s voice can be altered without the “chipmunk” effect. Commonly used for vocals, but not without synth and guitar applications as well, this is one of Boss’ most interesting and best-engineered effects.

The VT-1 Voice Transformer is like a simple modern-day Vocoder and Harmonizer. There are four prominent sliders for effects such as de-tuning, pitch shifting, formant shifting and it has built in digital reverb. The Pitch slider raises or lowers the fundamental note pitch. The Formant slider adjusts pitch of formant components, creating an effect virtually the same as changing vocal cords and the shape of the vocal tract. The Mix Balance slider allows mixing dry and effected voices. The Reverb slider adds stereo reverb equivalent to high-quality dedicated units. And the Robot button does in fact produce a somewhat vocoder-like sound by fixing the pitch of your voice and fuzzing it. Using the Robot effect in conjunction with the formant and pitch sliders can get some pretty amazing vocoder sounds.

The high-quality (Made in Japan) VT-1 has a mic-input with adjustable trim level so you can run your voice, or get creative and feed loops and sounds through the VT-1. And along with 4 preset patches, there’s an additional 4 user patches. You can convert the presets into user patches, then simply call up a patch to instantly change voices.

This particular example is in perfect working condition and excellent+ cosmetic condition showing little signs of wear. Included is the appropriate 9V power supply.