Bell & Howell Filmosound Amplifier

Here are three good examples of Filmosound amplifiers. All three amps are in very excellent original condition, all of which were also modified and upgraded by Mike Franceschini (currently the head designer of 65 Amps, in addition to, having designed and built for numerous other fantastic amp companies) to be used specifically for guitar. Make no mistake, these amps are inherently quite good, however, the original intention was not for a modern guitar/amp application, and for one to achieve full potential, it must be modified to sound really great. If a similar amp were built from the ground up, it would easily cost over $800.00, and it would never sound half as good as these customized Filmosounds. Never waste your money on cheap DIY kits, expensive bogus boutique amps, or vintage projects, and buy one of these Filmosound amps that we have worked on, before they sell out!

We purposefully started with three matching Filmosounds from the mid-late 1950’s because of the schematic, electronic configuration, and the high-grade components. We only used 100% all original examples in pre-existing perfect working condition, to avoid replacing significant parts. All three still have all original tubes, which contribute to the sweet and musical tonality of the amps. Some standard and easy upgrades included hard-wiring a grounded 3-prong power cable and converting the input/output jacks to Switchcraft 1/4″ jacks. We removed the film-reading sensor tubes, though included. Aside from that, several capacitors were replaced with those of different values, and some very minimal mods were tested prior to settling upon the best.

While clearly quite amazing sounding through the 100w Marshall 4×12″ cabinet used in the video, this amp sounds equally impressive through both a 1×12″ and a 2×12″ cabinet.

Each amp includes a copy of the schematic and the removed tube.