ASC Tube Traps

This is a set of ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Tube Traps and Sound Panels. This set of 24 total pieces is in very excellent original condition and includes the original paperwork! If this same exact set was purchased by paying the dealer’s direct prices, it would cost nearly $12,000.00 (approximately $11,600.00 without tax, without shipping), so do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy the BEST sound proofing set, the best bass trap arrangement and coolest sound treatment tools at an unbelievably huge discount price!

The TubeTrap is the first and foremost corner loaded bass trap in the audio industry. It’s low frequency absorption is determined by the diameter of the TubeTrap, the greater the diameter, the lower the roll-off. Unlike any other product available on the market today, Acoustic Sciences has engineered sound experience to absolute perfection. The result of hundreds of hours of research and development, testing, and decades of real world use, many have tried to copy this product, yet none have succeeded. When only the best will do, sound connoisseurs choose the TubeTrap. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, one can fine tune almost any listening situation regardless of size or complexity.

This set includes:
(4) 18″ x 18″ full rounds
(2) 36″ x 18″ full rounds
(2) 44″ x 18″ full rounds
(8) 48″ x 10″ full rounds on stands
(2) 9″ x 48″ 1/4 rounds
(8) 8″ x 48″ sound panels

As can be seen from the photos, this set is in very excellent condition. Other than a little dust, some slight fading on the two 44″ x 18″ full rounds, and a minor notch cleanly removed from the side of a single wall panel, this set is in a very attractive 9+ condition with no rips, no tears and no stains. All the stands work perfectly.

As mentioned above, a set like this from the manufacturer (as calculated directly from the Factory Direct price list), goes for over $12,000, so take advantage of this offer and make your studio sound perfect.