2012 Fender La Cabronita Especial

Here is an as new 2012 Fender “La Cabronita Especial” Limited Edition Custom Shop Relic electric guitar. This particular 3-pickup example, serial number CZ520301, is in like new, all original, condition and includes the original hard shell case, the original tags, original manual, Certificate of Authenticity, unopened Custom Care warranty, the original Fender strap, the original cable, the original Fender polish cloth, and the original strap locks. With a new List Price exceeding $5,200.00, be sure to take advantage of this reasonable offer.

Serial Number: CZ520301
Weight: 7 lbs. 10 oz.
Body: Alder
Finish: Nitrocellulose Black
Frets: 6105, jumbo stock
Pickups: (3) TV Jones Filter’Trons
Hardware: Sperzel Pearl Button tuners with Nickel parts
Electronics: Custom Wiring With A Blend Pot For the Middle Pickup and an S-1 Tone Roll-Off Switch, 1 Master Volume

This 2012 Cabronita Especial features: a slab alder body with the original Relic’d black lacquer finish, a one-piece Maple neck finished with lacquer, (3) T.V. Jones Filter’Tron pickups, American strings-through-body hard-tail bridge with block saddles, Sperzel tuning machines, and the original Custom Shop Limited Edition case.

While other examples have tipped the scales at 8+ pounds, this Cabronita is on the lighter side, and weighs only 7 pounds 10 ounces. It features a factory Fender setup, feels absolutely vintage, and sounds incredible. It is exceedingly dynamic, and surprisingly versatile. Though it is completely unique, it still achieves both Tele and Strat tonality at the push of the tone roll off button!