2011 Divided By 13 CJ 11 1×12 Combo

Here is a 2011 Divided By 13 CJ 11 1×12″ combo electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 2081-198, is in perfect all original condition. Recently ordered and purchased from a local dealer, this amp has literally been played for less than 15 minutes, only when tested, before being traded in several days ago.

This CJ 11 combo amp utilizes: (1) 5AR4, (2) 6V6, and (2) 12AX7 tubes through a 1 x 12″ Celestion G12 M Greenback speaker.

As stated this example is in perfect all original condition. The original Black/Egg tolex is perfect and the grill cloth is perfect and does not exhibit any scuffs or tears. The face plate does not exhibit the slightest wear and looks pristine.

The amp works perfectly, and is a great complement to guitars with humbucking pickups. The master enables dynamic gain control, and the larger than expected cabinet produces extra overtones with a very rich low-frequency personality. This is a great hand-wired amplifier from a company that prides itself in fantastic tube amp design.

It comes with the original price tag and the original IEC power cable.