2010 Dwight 3/4 Les Paul Junior

This is a 2010 Dwight 3/4 TV Les Paul Jr. as made by Clive Brown for Billy Gibbons. Dwight Guitars are the creation of well renowned and respected guitar restoration maestro, Clive Brown. Clive is known worldwide for his expert restorations of Fender and Gibson guitars . The Dwight guitars he has designed and crafted by hand take traditional design one step beyond.These guitars are very limited production and are all unique. This 3/4 Dwight TV Les Paul Jr. is made of lightweight Korina wood. This guitar weighs 5 lbs 11 oz. The fingerboard is made from Wenge wood with celluloid markers. The tuners are vintage Kluson no-line machines and the pickup is a custom wound Duncan made by Seymour himself. With an extremely vintage accurate TV Yellow finish, the top of this model is bound like a Les Paul Standard, which is a very unique and highly thoughtful feature. This guitar comes with an original soft alligator case.