2009 PRS Tonare Grand

This is a used 2009 PRS Tonare Grand with the original Ameritage case! This incredibly special jumbo acoustic was made by Steve Fischer while working at Paul Reed Smith for Ricky Skaggs himself. Fischer and Smith worked closely with Skaggs while prototyping the Tonare Grand, the model which has since become exclusive acoustic guitar. He and his guitar player, Cody Kilby, have owned and used many PRS Tonare Grands, and at some point, Skaggs traded this guitar in for another, but not before personalizing it with his signature.

This particular “no-issues” example is in extremely excellent all original condition. With no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs whatsoever. It sounds incredible and plays tremendously well.

The Tonare Grand is a comfortable 16″ at the widest point. This top is European Spruce, and back and sides are exotic Cocobolo with exquisite cocobolo veneer bindings and purflings, finished with the proprietary PRS shatter-hard all Nitro finish. The 1-3/4″ fingerboard, inlayed with the familiar PRS bird figures, is Cocobolo as well, with identical binding all the way around, which flows onto the Cocobolo-faced headstock to form a complete outline. The rosette is charming and simple: three alternating rings of Cocobolo and abalone. Side dots are elegant tiny circles that appear to be brass. The neck is very much like their electrics—chunky, comfortable, satiny, and ergonomic enough to play for hours. Barre chords are almost effortless, easier than almost any acoustic I’ve ever played. The lovely Keith Robson hand-machined tuners look like they could be gears in an artillery launcher. They’re very sensitive; a little tweak goes a long way. The pickup system is PRS designed, with a Volume knob mounted inside the soundhole, carefully inset into the ring-brace. The onboard preamp requires two 9V batteries, which may seem like a lot, but in return for 18V you get massive headroom, which is highly useful in live situations.You can play hard and loud without fear of overdriving the pre or distorting.