2005 Marshall 1974X Baby Bluesbreaker

This is a used 2005 Marshall 1974X 18w “Baby Bluesbreaker” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number M-2005-29-0901-B, is in very excellent, near mint, condition and includes the original footswitch!

This original owner example remains in very beautiful shape, has been thoroughly tested, and sounds absolutely excellent. Easily one of the most practical amps for getting great-sounding tone in a small, convenient, and attractive package, the 1974X is both the gigging and studio amp of your dreams!

The 1974X is a handwired reissue of the original Marshall 1×12″ 18 watt combo introduced in 1965. Just like the original, the 1974X reissue comes with (2) EL84 tubes in the power amp, (3) ECC83s in the preamp, an EZ81 rectifier tube, and features valve-driven tremolo. A proprietary, aged reissue of the 20W, ceramic magnet Celestion T1221 speaker used in the original adds to the Marshall 1974X’s tonal authenticity.

Dimensions: 24″W x 20″H x 9″D
Weight: 42 lbs. (19.05kg)

The original owner of this Marshall 1974X was Doug Fieger of The Knack! Though he was a vintage enthusiast, he owned numerous reissue instruments, and happened to have two Baby Bluesbreakers!