2004 Jerry Jones Shorthorn DC-59

Here is a 2004 Jerry Jones original “Shorthorn” electric guitar. This particular N.O.S. (new old stock) example, serial number 9004, is in like new all original condition and includes the original hard shell case, adjustment tools, and hang tags! Of all the vintage reissues and modern interpretations of original models, Jerry Jones’ instruments definitely delivered. Jerry Jones guitars retain all of the characteristics that make the originals great, yet feature subtle design improvements in those areas where Danelectros fell short. Unfortunately, the Jerry Jones factory discontinued production over a year ago in 2011, and the company no longer exists. Get your hands on this fantastic creation, as this is the closest thing to a new one that is available.

This JJ Shorthorn features: The Danelectro DC59 double cutaway body design, a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, (2) Lipstick tube pickups, Gotoh tuning machines, Gotoh adjustable bridge, large fingerboard radius, and the original hard shell case.

Arguably better than the Danelectro from which it was inspired, this Shorthorn model is a much better player’s instrument than the best DC-59. With a strings-thru body construction, compensated individual saddles on a heavy-duty chrome tailpiece, metal strap pins, a functional truss rod, and high-precision tuners that stay in tune, this guitar is superior in every way to the old Danos. While a purist will want an original regardless, a real player would rather have this.

It is light-weight (5 lbs. 10 oz.), has killer sustain, and feels like a $10,000.00 Gibson guitar. The Lipstick pickups sound incredible, and produce the warm, robust, and transparent unique tone that makes the old ones so loveable.