2003 Hughes & Kettner Duotone

This is a used 2003 Hughes & Kettner Duotone electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 20037032 is in excellent pre-owned condition, as it has been in studio storage for the last 5 years. H&K has since released the Tommy Thayer (KISS) model with an obnoxious scribble for a signature on the top left portion of the clear plexi panel, but otherwise the same fantastic features.

This particular example is in perfect working condition, providing the versatile performance and beautiful tone outlined by the manufacturer, without any issues whatsoever. Cosmetically, it is in excellent used condition, as can be seen in my detailed photographs to your right. It also includes an IEC power cable. All pictures are of the actual amplifier.

Starting in Germany in the early 1980s, Hughes & Kettner have grown into the internationally known brand they are today: creating some of the most advanced, visually striking and highest-performing amplifiers on the market.

A tight booster for the lead channel, a sweeter-sounding clean channel, and a second switchable master that lets the player put lead lines front and center – those are the mods owners of classic rock amps most frequently request when they consult an amp hot-rodder. We, on the other hand, sought to build a rock amp that would satisfy all the demands of discerning guitarists right out of the box. So we teamed up with the German amp tweaking guru Dirk Baldringer to build an amp tuned to taste right here in our factory. Our plan worked – Duotone ladles out huge helpings of typically assertive British rock roar, with tons of presence and a Boost switch to turbocharge tone that’s already thick enough to slice. And for dessert, Duotone serves up the sweetest clean sounds even at very loud levels. If amps could weep, this one would certainly drive its lesser competitors to tears.

Channels: Clean, Overdrive + Boost
Power: 100 Watts
Poweramp : 4x EL34
Preamp: 5x 12AX7
Effects Loop: Parallel
Speaker Outputs: 1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8 / 2x 16 Ohms, 1x 16 Ohms