2003 Brent Cooper Acoustic

This is a used 2003 Brent Cooper flat top acoustic guitar. This marvelous custom-creation was made in the Santa Cruz Guitar Company’s factory during Cooper’s tenure as a master builder, and is comprised of SCGC’s finest materials. This 1-of-a-kind instrument features; a soft cutaway, solar system inspired fingerboard inlays, advanced appointments, a comet-tail pickguard profile, an exotic shaded top, built-in pickup, an inside-out Santa Cruz paper label which states “Built by: Brent Cooper For: Fat Eddie 2003” written in pen, and the original hardshell case. Extremely unique and undoubtedly the only one like it ever made, this is an incredible opportunity to buy not just an interesting acoustic, but an incredible quality instrument.

With the soundhole being the suggested sun, and the remaining inlays representing the 9 planets of our solar system (yes, including the much debated Pluto) this guitar definitely wins the “most creative inlay pattern” award. All details are meticulously executed, and the overall presentation was perfected thanks to superior craftsmanship.

The 00 body dimensions, X-braced construction, rich Ebony fingerboard, and Rosewood back and sides all combine to make this a great-sounding guitar. With clarity, warmth, and projection, this is a fantastic little strummer.

There are no structural nor originality issues. The guitar is perfectly intact with no modifications, no cracks, no breaks, and no changes whatsoever. The action is low, and the guitar plays like a dream.