2002 John Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive

Here is a used 2002 John Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive electric guitar effects pedal. This particular early production example, serial number 262, is in very nice all original condition and features a finish date of “12-20-2002”. The inscription on the inside of the pedal reads, “Painted by Arlon Prince Built by John (3:16) Landgraff ——– Dynamic Overdrive #262 12-20-2002 Landgraff Custom Amps & Pedals —– Where Jesus is Lord! Made for Blues Angel Music Pensacola, FL. USA God Bless America! John Landgraff.” Having owned several PedalMan 818 overdrives, as well as, numerous Landgraff D.O.D.s, this is the earliest and certainly amongst the best we’ve owned. This pedal does not include any original ephemera nor a box. There are several superficial paint chips, which is common, but it is gererally very nice and intact.