2001 Fender Woody Pro Junior

Here is a used 2001 Fender Woody Pro “Exotic Bubinga” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number B-124929, is in very excellent all original condition! This luxuriously appointed version of the Pro Junior, was made prior to Fender’s 60th anniversary Blonde Woody Pro. Jr and features cosmetic appointments that hearken back to 1946-era Fender Woody amps. The Fender Woody Pro is a small all-tube amp in the classic tradition of the original model “26”. It’s simple yet more than enough, and delivers 15w through a 10″ speaker, features all-tube circuitry, unique clean-to-drive volume control, and vintage-style chicken head knobs.

This particular example belonged to Fender Custom Shop’s Ops Manager, and remained in his office in Corona until several months ago. It has some very superficial shop wear, and slight evidence of having been used, but is still in very excellent condition.