2000 Lovetone Ring Stinger

This is a used, original production, 2000 Lovetone Ring Stinger ring modulator effects pedal. This particular example, serial number RS 0271 and dated 8/3/2000 (March 8, 2000) within, is in very nice all original condition and works perfectly. As the original manufacturer’s description suggests, “The Ring Stinger represents a whole new level of interactive complexity. Defying all known boundaries of taste and decency – bells with balls – the big, fat, smokin’, trouser-defying Ring Stinger is a ring modulator/fuzz octave doubler/repeater/dirt box/optical synth all rolled into one.”

The original Lovetone pedal line, having since been entirely discontinued, was perhaps the most interesting, and best boutique series, to ever be offered. All of the pedals produced were magnificent in their own way, but this particularly rare model is incredible. Conducive for use with guitar, bass, synth, drum machine, vocals, etc., it really attaches a texture unachievable with any other normal ring mod.