2000 Lovetone Flange

This is a used 2000 Lovetone “?” Flange, or “The Flange With No Name” electric guitar effects pedal. This original very low production pedal, though pre-owned, is in virtually N.O.S. condition. This example, serial number QM 0086 and dated 12/7/2000 (July 12, 2000), is in absolutely near mint like new condition and includes both the original box and original paperwork.

The original Lovetone pedal line, having since been entirely discontinued, was perhaps the most interesting, and best boutique series, to ever be offered. All of the pedals produced were magnificent in their own way, but this particularly rare model is incredible. Conducive for use with guitar, bass, synth, drum machine, vocals, etc., it really attaches a texture unachievable with any other normal flanger.

Featuring: * stereo outputs * wide range triangle/square LFO * CV/pedal input for delay time * gain control * fx loop (make your digital delay sound like an echoplex!) * twin mode delay mix * twin mode regen. control * gate/sync input * Loop on/off footswitch * 2 Bypass footswitches * light jack (can also be used on other Lovetone pedals instead of passive volume pedal!)

The Lovetone site tags the following as sound effects; stereo flanger/phaser/chorus, tape echo simulator (using external delay), vibrato/tremolo, spatial fx, pseudo ring mod, tuned reverb fx, rotary fx, special whirling dervish sound, lo-fi fx, sub aqua fx, farmyard sounds, vocal sounds, unique modular synth-type sounds, spaceships and assorted single-engined air transport.