2000 Gibson Les Paul R9

Here’s a used 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Vintage Reissue R9 electric guitar. Originally sold by Wildwood Guitars of Colorado, which has become famous for offering the absolute best vintage reissue Custom Shop Gibson guitars and premium Fender Custom Shop Relics, this particular specimen was purchased by the only and original owner for over $5,500 due to the incredibly exotic highly flamed AAAAA Quilted Top. The vibrant Heritage Cherry finish enhances the natural figuring of the 2-piece book-matched maple top, and the dimesnionality is so rich, that is retains it’s hypnotizing appearance at every possible angle. Similar R9s with significant AAAAA-quality flame have always been expensive, both new and used, but is it surprisingly rare to find a Quilted Top example with this caliber of symmetrical and attractive maple. In fact, of all the flame tops I have seen, this one most resembles actual flames.

This particular example, serial number 9 0579, is in 100% all original condition, and includes the original black Custom/Art/Historic case with all of the original paperwork and ephemera, including the original purchase receipt dated Jan., 2002.

It’s not surprising that this was the original owner’s favorite guitar, and as a result, he used it every weekend for over 10 years. Though he took great care of it, it most certainly displays the inevitable corresponding wear associated with such frequent playing. There is a small area of belt buckle rash through the original cherry red on the back of the guitar, and some periphery headstock wear. The peghead also exhibits some light superficial scratching and minor dings. The same can be said for the top of the guitar, though the wear is incredibly light, and not very obvious. The guitar has not faded, and the general patina from the playing wear is actually quite charming. The overall vibe is very excellent, as it has authentic playing wear, as opposed to, fabricated and contrived scratches and sanding patterns which are intended to imitate the appearance of one that has actually been used. Regardless, this guitar presents every bit as beautiful as a new one, but the light wear is just the right amount for those who both play and collect.

The guitar weighs just 8 lbs. and 6 oz., and feels incredible. The neck profile is actually not quite as deep as my other 2000 Les Paul R9 Plain Top, and is somewhat of a 1959/1960 hybrid. The original frets are nicely intact with not much wear, and the guitar plays excellently with Pyramid .010-.046s. The Rosewood fingerboard has an unbelievably rich coloration, which gives it the dark chocolate shade associated with Brazilian boards. And while this guitar does not have a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, it actually looks alot like it. It sounds great, and the P.A.F. humbucking pickup reissues are surprisingly accurate.