1999 DigiTech Space Station XP-300

This is a used 1999 DigiTech Space Station XP-300 synth/effects guitar pedal. Rare and unlike any other synth pedal, the XP-300 has become both increasingly popular and an awesome addition to even the most well-rounded pedal board. Included is the pedal, an original make (HPro) AC power adapter, and a copy of the owner’s manual.

The XP-300 Space Station pedal features: 40 presets, four banks (synth, warp, alien, sonic), a user mode that allows 6 preset memory slots, and a user-definable 9-preset bank.

Effects include: time warp delay, ring modulation, pixelation, and arpeggiators.

With synth sounds defined as string swells, the pedal produces amazing ’80s digital and pixelated effects. This pedal is capable of creating quite “alien” and unbelievable sounds. Vastly different from a Boss Bass Synth or Electro Harmonix MicroSynth, the XP-300 is crazy in a good way.

This completely unique and rare multi-effects processor was one of several interesting Expression Pedal (XP) series effects, which combined the ability to control parameters with the affixed expression pedal and large plastic buttons with the tap or swell of your foot. Along with the XP-100 Whammy pedal, the XP-300 Space Station was made in limited quantities, and is considered to be extremely scarce.