1997 Groove Tubes Soul-O 45 Amp

This is a used 1997 Groove Tubes Soul-O 45 electric guitar amplifier with the original cover and IEC power cable. This particular example, serial number 397045, is in very excellent condition and works perfectly. With approximately 400 made during it’s limited production, this amp has since become somewhat desirable and well-known for their incredible versatility.

All components are hand soldered. There are no quick disconnects, wire nuts, or dipped connections and over 120 hand soldered connections on the tubes sockets alone. All transformers are custom designed and made exclusively for Groove Tubes.

The amp sounds incredible. It’s loud, clear and clean which responds like the ultimate sponge for pedal usage. Plenty of musical head room is produced at almost all volumes.

GT S45 amps are designed to use the customer’s choice of power tubes. Currently setup with 6L6 power tubes… choose from a total of 11 different tubes which customized your S45 for tone and power from 40 RMS watts to 65 RMS watts, depending on the selected power tube.

Preamp section: (3) AX7, (1) 12AT7, and (1) 12AU7 Power section tube options: 5881, 6L6A, 6L6B, 6L6C, 6L6CB, 6L6GE, 6L6S, KT66HP, KT66C, EL34C, EL34R, EL34R2, KT88C, KT88SV, 6550C, and 6550R Included is an IEC cable and a non-original cover.