1996 Pefftronics SB-101 Super Rand-O-Matic

This is a used 1996 Pefftronics SB-101 Super Rand-O-Matic electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example is in very good cosmetic condition and still works perfectly. The Pefftronics Rand-o-Matic is an extremely versatile modulated delay line effect, allowing all manner of chorus, flange and vibrato effects. Aside from the two very small holes in the side of the pedal and the bottom plate for use with a 9v battery terminal adapter, this example is all original and still in very good condition. Many original Rand-O-Matic pedals are in non-woriking irreparable condition due to the built-in 9v DC power supply jack issue, so this represents a rare example in excellent working condition!