1994 Matchless SC-30/L

This is 1994 Matchless SC-30/L 1×12″ combo tube amplifier. Produced during highly regarded Mark Sampson era, this versatile SC-30 1×12″ combo produces both quintessential VOX tone at AC-15 and AC-30 volume levels. Extremely clean, and recently serviced, this collector-quality example works perfectly, looks incredible, and includes a non-original form-fitting green vinyl cover. Studio ready, this is a near perfectly preserved non-gigged example with a fantastic sounding Celestion.

The Matchless SC30 has some of the best features Matchless has to offer. With two channels, and power, preamp and rectifier tubes, the sound delivered is unmatchable by other amps. Great for rock and blues, this amplifier offers great gain and incredible distortion. The effects loop helps to offer versatile tones and a huge sound. Matchless made, musician approved, the Matchless SC 30 was created for reliability and versatility.

Power: 30 Watts
Channels: Two Channels
Controls Ch.1: Volume, Bass, Treble Controls Ch.2: Volume, Tone, Cut control, Bypassable Master Volume Switches: Reverse Speaker Phase, Hi-lo power, 3 Position Rotary Impedance, 6 Position Rotary Tone Power Tubes: 4 x EL84 Preamp Tubes: 1 x EF86, 3x12AX7 Rectifier Tube: 1x5AR4 (standard) or 2x5V4G tubes Note on the Rectifier Tube: The one 5AR4 is used for sharper attack. Alternately, two 5V4G tubes may be used to roll off the attack and create more sag.

Features: Dual inputs for each channel, Effects loop Speaker
Output: Switchable Impedance of 4, 8, and 16 Ohms
Weight: 71 lbs.
Dimensions: 21 x 21.5 x 10.5
Speaker: Celestion G12H30