1992 Way Huge Green Rhino

This is a used 1992 Way Huge Electronics Green Rhino Overdrive II electric guitar effects pedal. This particular original pre-production example is in excellent all original condition! It does not appear to have a serial number, and it most likely pre-dates those that did have the serial number stamped above the adapter jack. This unit was probably made by Jeorge Tripps himself. Produced between 1992-1999, original Way Huge pedals were produced in very limited quantities and have been very desirable for nearly two decades. In 2008, Tripps resurrected the Way Huge product line under Dunlop’s ownership, and while the new pedals are great, there will always be a particular demand for the highly crafted originals. Far superior to many classic overdrive pedals, the Green Rhino delivers much more natural overdrive than the famed Ibanez Tube Screamer. This pedal is in excellent all original condition though it appears to be missing 1 of 4 case screws. All 4 rubber glides are still intact however.