1991 Gibson J-100

Here’s a vintage 1991 Gibson J-100+ flat top acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 92331022, is in mint 100% all original condition and includes the original Gibson warranty paperwork, and the original hard shell case with case key. This extremely rare model (numbered “22” on the paperwork) was produced in extremely limited quantities by the pioneers at the Bozeman, Montana Gibson factory, and features: the unique combination of upgraded features from both a pre-war era SJ100 and the exotic appointments of an SJ200. With an inlayed script logo, a stair-step fire-stripe pickguard a 3-piece flame maple neck, SJ200-style crown inlays, SJ200-style “open mustache” bridge and a bound headstock, this model is actually much fancier than the 1941 “King of the Flat Tops” SJ100 reissue, and shares many embellished appointments with a Gibson SJ-200.

While many of the unique appointments were mentioned above, this acoustic also features: a vintage-style Tobacco Sunburst finish top, a (5-ply) double-bound body, Mahogany back and sides with dark Walnut finish, a Spruce top, scalloped top bracing, an Indian Rosweood fingerboard, a Mustache Bridge without ribbon inlays (very interesting), Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with tulip buttons, Gold hardware, and an original TKL custom hard case with Sapphire blue interior with the original key.

In a way, this is the J-200 that everybody wishes Gibson made originally. The J-200 is notorious for being both bright and dense, lacking the general projection and warmth of the more common J-45 model. However, when constructed with Mahogany back and sides, like the J-100, it becomes an incredible sounding instrument. It breathes better, projects more loudly, and offers a better tonality overall. So, even though the model is designated as a J-100, it has much more in common with the J-200, and is effectively a J-200 with mahogany back and sides.

The condition of this Gibson J-100+ is near perfect. Cosmetically, it is pristine, with no evidence of any playing wear whatsoever. No dings, no scratches, nothing superficial, in fact, it looks near new. Due to the age, there is some evidence of the absolute earliest signs of weather-checking (maybe one or two barely visible weather checks near the bottom bout) because of the incredibly minimal finish application. It weighs an incredibly featherweight 4.5 lbs, which is one of the reasons it projects so transparently with articulation. The neck profile is fairly large, but is quite comfortable. The action is as low as it gets, and having recently been re-strung with Pyramid .012 medium gauge Bronze strings, it sounds better than ever.