1990 Gibson Les Paul Special

This is a 100% original 1990 Gibson Les Paul Special electric guitar. Not to be confused with the later budget model Les Paul Specials which began production during the late-90’s, the early 90’s versions like this one feature; a vintage-inspired high-quality construction with an authentic-style neck tenon, pearl-inlayed Gibson logo, a bound neck, and a high-gloss nitrocellulose vintage 2-tone sunburst. This particular example, serial number 92880305, is in very excellent cosmetic condition with no issues whatsoever. This guitar remains all original, and has not been broken, repaired, or modified.

This rare low-production guitar was made with high-quality materials and components, and while it was quite obviously created with the original in mind, there are several era-appropriate enhancements which make it an all-around fantastic instrument. The two significant deviations from the original being, 1) mini-Grover tuners instead of the traditional 3-in-a-line Kluson tuning machines, and 2) P-100 pickups instead of the usual P-90s; both of which contribute greatly to the overall usability of the instrument. With regard to the finish color, although original single-cutaway Specials were only really finished in TV yellow, this series seemed to offer a vintage sunburst and deep cherry red colors. The sunburst finish on this guitar is highly reminiscent of a vintage finish on a Les Paul Junior, and is in my opinion the best finish offered at the time. The original chrome hardware is also in very excellent shape.

The guitar is a fantastic instrument. The action is nice and low, and the neck is perfectly straight. The neck profile features a soft and shallow shape very similar to a ’60 profile. The P-100s sound great in this guitar, and offer a more robust and balanced output when compared to typical P-90 pickups. The guitar weighs 8 lbs. and 3 oz., and feels very comfortable to play. It comes with a fantastic original form-fit hard shell case that is actually extremely attractive.