1989 Mesa/Boogie Mark III

This is a vintage 1989 Mesa/Boogie Mark III electric guitar amplifier and matching 1×12″ extension cabinet. This particular Blue Stripe version, serial number 24738, is in extremely excellent 100% all original condition and includes, as mentioned, the original matching extension cabinet, the original (3) foot switches, and original flight/travel cases. The special Imbuya cabinet set remains in beautifully well preserved condition, thanks to the original Anvil-style ATA cases, and proper ownership and care. Remarkably intact, down to every last tube (including the backup preamp tube mounted to the inside of the combo) this is the pair worth purchasing. Original matching sets in this condition are rarely made available online, so take advantage of this rare opportunity to buy one of the all time best boutique amps ever made!

Serial Number: 24738
Transformer Codes: 606–832, 606–848, 606-904, 606-904
Speaker Serial Numbers: 3099, 3913 (Electro-Voice)
Cabinet Pencil Date: 3 – 89

This ’89 Mesa/Boogie Mark III features: (4) 6L6, and (5) ECC83 original tubes through the original 1 x 12″ Electro-Voice Black Shadow speaker producing approximately 100w, an exotic Imbuya hardwood cabinet with wicker/cane grill, Mesa patented Simul-Class power for tube variations, a 5-band graphic EQ, a refined double 3-spring Hammond Reverb unit, a cooling fan, a matching original Imbuya cabinet loaded with a matching EV Black Shadow speaker, and all (3) original footswitches: EQ/REV footswitch, Rhythm/Crunch footswitch, Rhythm/Lead footswitch.

This Blue Stripe example works perfectly and sounds absolutely incredible. Commonly preferred over the alternative Green Stripe variety, this amp definitely produces a more spongy, sweeter, more harmonically rich tone. All push/pull pots, sliders, and switches work perfectly. The amp sounds great, and both speakers are perfectly intact void of speaker fatigue and voice coil distortion.

The amps are in highly presentable very attractive condition with only the slightest evidence of wear. While the amp and matching cabinet set is not in perfect condition, they are extremely clean, and probably the finest to be made available in some time.