1989 Fender Dual Showman

This is a vintage 1989 Fender Dual Showman electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number O-33457, is in extremely excellent all original condition! This 100w amp head was produced alongside other notable “red knob” series Fender amps between 1987-1990, just post-Rivera era models. While employing channel-switching and printed circuit boards, this is an all tube amplifier with incredibly serious tone. It is very loud, and actually sounds quite fantastic. In addition to being a great sounding example, this is probably the cleanest specimen you’ll find, so for those whom are concerned with cosmetic condition, this is the one.

Serial Number: O-33457
Transformer Codes: 606-843, 606-844, 606-906

Designed to be paired with a matching 4×12″ speaker cabinet, this piggyback setup can clearly work well with a number of possible speaker options. As mentioned, this listing is for the head only. With an adjustable output between 25 watts (low) and 100 watts (high). It features a power section that includes (4) 6L6 tubes, and efficiently produces high headroom quintessential Fender clean, yet, with the tonal options to better sculpt your sound.

Width 27.5 in x Height 9.5 in x Depth 11 in.