1985 Gallien-Krueger 250ML

This is a vintage 1985 Gallien-Krueger 250ML electric guitar amplifier. This particular Series I example, serial number 23758, is in average original condition. It works perfectly and sounds fantastic, however, the speaker foam has since deteriorated. Despite this, the amp still functions perfectly.

Outfitted with (2) very over-built large magnet Pyle 6.5″ speakers, this small solid state amp is capable of producing incredibly loud and sophisticated tone. Well-designed to be highly versatile, the EQ controls enable meticulous sculpting. The default sounds are undeniably reminiscent of tone showcased great ’80s songs, and the list of GK 250ML owners is a definite who’s who of the ’80s. Both built-in effects sound awesome, and all push button controls work as intended.

This example includes an IEC power cable, but it does not include a footswitch nor headphones, with which this unit is conveniently compatible, however, any generic switch or regular headphones will suffice.

Once again, as can be seen, the speakers are intact, but the surrounding foam is not. It will need to be addressed, as the low notes will tend to overly flap and distort.