1985 Fender Telecaster Custom

This is a vintage 1985 Fender Telecaster Custom ’62 Reissue electric guitar. This particular Made In Japan (MIJ) example, serial number A014990 (as stamped into the bridge plate), is in very fine condition and includes a non-original hard shell case! The secret is out: players and vintage enthusiasts alike agree that this era MIJ Fenders are incredibly high quality and even still, most feel that they are still underrated and represent one of the best values in the used guitar market.

Features of this MIJ Tele Custom include:
– Original 3-tone sunburst finish
– Double-bound alder body
– Maple neck with Rosewood slab board fingerboard
– Spaghetti logo
– Reissue Kluson tuning machines
– Vintage spec appointments and hardware
– Weight:7 lbs. 14 oz.

This guitar is in 100% original condition and remains in very fine cosmetic shape. For being over 25 years old, it exhibits little evidence indicating such. The finish is still very clean with little arm wear or belt buckle wear. The neck shows quite a bit of playing wear, which gives it a nice vintage appeal and makes it feel incredible. It displays an inordinate amount of playing wear which was probably propagated by very light sanding of the clear coat. While it was not significant, and doesn’t affect the profile of the soft-C shape neck in any way, most believe it enhances the tactile experience.

The bridge displays slight oxidation, though the rest of the hardware is in very nice shape. In addition to being quite handsome, this guitar happens to be one of the best (if not the best) MIJ/CIJ instruments we have ever offered. It honestly feels better than most late-60s early-70s Teles, with a neck profile that Fender USA wishes they had sculpted during that time.

Additionally, the neck is as straight as an arrow. It is seriously awesome, feels great and displays plenty of fret life with little wear patterns. While MIJ Strats are not famous for their electronics, this guitar sounds great. It captures all of the quintessential Tele tones with accessible ease. The guitar was recently setup, so it feels and plays like butter.

With respect to light mojo, guitars don’t get much better than this Tele, which is one of the best functional guitars you should buy. Don’t wait for a better-playing or cooler-looking guitar, because it isn’t gonna happen with respect to MIJ Teles. This one’s a keeper!