1983 Polytone Mini-S15B

Here’s a vintage 1983 Polytone Mini-S15B electric bass guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 1665, is in very excellent all original condition and includes the original cover! This rare Polytone model features: 2 channels with separate EQ controls, a mono/stereo switch, all the original hardware, quilted vinyl covering, diamond foam grill, and the original cover with side pocket. The original diamond tolex is in excellent condition with very minimal evidence of wear. The original foam grill is in correspondingly excellent shape. The control panel is crisp and clean and void of typical playing wear. The amp works perfectly and sounds AMAZING. The original 1 x 15″ Eminence speaker, date code 67-8310, sound incredible and does not exhibit fatigue or voice-coil distortion. Though marketed for bass, this model has long been considered an excellent guitar amplifier. Both simple and efficient, some feel it achieves better tone than it’s Mini-Brute counterparts!