1983 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC

Here’s a vintage 1983 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC amplifier head with (2) matching 1×12” extension cabinets. Finished in the rare and beautiful Blonde tolex (White) with Wheat­ colored grille cloth, this exceedingly rare configuration including the aforementioned corresponding stereo pair of speaker cabinets, is considered by most enthusiasts to be the best Mesa Boogie amp ever made. This highly coveted and extremely rare variant, serial number 12047, is arguably the best sounding version in the best possible arrangement. Recently purchased from the original owner, this amp has been exclusively serviced by Mesa Boogie Hollywood, and remains in excellent all original condition. This incredible set includes Mesa Boogie covers, though the only original ‘80s cover is the one that belongs to the head.

Serial Number: 12047
Speaker Serial Number: 10877, 11888
Transformer Codes: 606-150, 606-227, 606-336, 606–335

This ’83 Mesa Boogie MKIIC amplifier set features; the upgraded variable (100v­240v) transformer, the 60/100RMS watt select switch, lush reverb with noiseless switch engage, quiet channel switching, improved effects loop (far better than the previous MKI & MKII models), a dual cascading drive stage resulting in a more sensitive lead channel, smooth lead channel and warm rhythm, a replacement quartet of Mesa Boogie 6L6 power tubes, (5) 12AX7 preamp tubes, and (2) matching speaker cabinets with Altec 417­8H 12” speakers (serial number 10877 and 11888).

Some Mesa enthusiasts are fairly vocal about preferriing this MKIIC to it’s MKIIC+ successor. In fact, Mesa will still perform a somewhat simple C+ mod for any amp that can facilitate such, so if you happen to be interested in the upgrade, I can ship the head directly to Mesa Boogie in California on your behalf. The upgrade would be at the buyer’s expense of course.

Though the amp has been seldom used for in­-home and studio use only, it does display evidence of storage wear and light general use. Due to the nature of the cabinets’ white exterior, regular wear, such as; smudges, marks, stains, and dust, become much more noticeable. There are several small snags in the grille cloth, but the overall structural integrity of the grilles are very excellent. Indeed, the amp is not in perfect cosmetic condition, it is however, in very excellent shape considering it is a 30 ­year old rig.

Most importantly, this amp sounds incredible. Absolutely unparalleled by it’s predecessors, this is the ultimate Mesa Boogie amp, and is most certainly one of the most versatile and dynamic amps of all time. With musical headroom and the most balanced clean tone in history, the MKIIC is both perfect for pedals and gorgeously pure when plugged ­in directly. This example does not have the typical 5­band graphic EQ, which some believe is actually better, as the simplified circuit produces a more natural tone with elevated harmonics. The original Altec speakers were re­coned by Solutions! in Silverlake, CA many years ago, but it unfortunately seems as if they may be due for another. They sound great, but at high volumes the speakers exhibit fatigue with lower frequencies.